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Welcome to Life and Bliss. This is a blog that is fully focused on Personal Development as you may already know. We discuss the most integral aspects of human lives in this blog. Our aim is to help as many people as possible to find out their true potential to live their lives to the fullest.

We are Aakash and Sagar. Brothers. Twin.  

So far we both have traveled almost the same roads in life, and creating this blog was no different. The creation of this blog was a milestone in our lives.

How Come Personal Development?

After completing our degrees from the University of Calcutta, we were doing a decent job in a reputable Digital Marketing company. Life was going great with friends and family. But it was not complete and we could feel the dissatisfaction.

While in college, we got associated with a Network Marketing company just to try our luck. Though it didn’t work out as we expected but we somehow learnt the importance of personal development in life.

We used to attend seminars and talks of successful people and would listen to their life stories. Stories of failures, stories of set backs and stories of success and come backs. These sessions were so motivating that we started working on our own personal development.

We started with books. This was in the year 2011/2012. We started reading self-help books, motivational books, leadership books, personal development books. It felt like we had found a treasure. A good chunk of our time we used to spend with books.

Within a years’ time, we became an admirer of writers like Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Robin Sharma, Dr. Joseph Murphy, Shiv Khera, Steven Covey, Paulo Coelho, Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris and many more. After all these years, we can say that picking up books for personal development was one of the best ideas in our lives.

Now that we had some knowledge about the subject of personal development, we intended to share that with others. But spending father’s money for all these things was never an excellent idea. So, we decided to join the job. And also, a couple of years were gone by after graduation. Almost all our friends were earning by that time.

So, job was a very obvious option, and we couldn’t let that go. But we kept on learning and upgrading.

This attitude of ours helped us a lot in climbing up the corporate ladder. Within three years in the company, we were leading separate departments in our office. Majority of the colleagues were quite impressed with our knowledge and attitude towards life. Some of them were not very happy. At the end of the day, you cannot make everyone happy.

There were many who used to come to us with their personal or professional problems. And we never saw them as a liability. Rather, we took it as our opportunity to test our skills and knowledge. And when we would give them the solution, some would pat our back, some would nod their heads, some would give us thumbs up and obviously some wouldn’t be happy at all.

This was the time when we felt that we should share our knowledge. And this is how the subject of personal development for blogging came up.

About Us

The real transformation of life begins when we decide to change from within. You will find here some helpful insights that let you achieve that. Embrace yourself for better and brighter future!

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