20 Bad Health Habits You Must Change and How to Do That!

Habits – these are the daily activities that can make or break our lives! To be precise, good habits make our lives and bad habits can break our lives. So, this article is going to be about the bad health habits that you may be following consciously or subconsciously, and how you can replace them with good ones! 

They say – habits never die, but if you are aware of your bad habits, you can obviously replace those with good ones. It could be related to health, profession, personal life or anything else for that matter!

One very important thing to remember is that habits lead our lifestyle

If we get caught up in some bad health habits, this might take a great toll not just on our health but on our relationships and future goals as well. 

So, find out below if you are affected by any of these bad health habits and if you are, you can find the help to replace them with good ones.

20 Bad Health Habits And How to Replace Them With Good Ones

Below I have mentioned the bad habits along with some helpful suggestions on how to replace them with good ones. I wish you’ll find less of these habits common in your life because that states a better mental and physical being!

1: Wake up late in the morning

Morning shows the day! Hundreds and thousands of people have the bad health habits of late rising and they don’t even realize how they are affecting their health and career! 

woman waking up on the bed

Sleeping till late in the morning reduces the effectiveness of your body. Moreover, various researches have found that it makes your brain less active than those who wake up early in the morning. It may also make you feel dizzy all through the day.

How to replace:

The very first step to replacing this habit is to sleep early at night. In most instances, incomplete sleep is the reason to wake up late in the morning. So, if you want complete sleep and still wake up early, you must go to bed early. 

There are some other things that can help the process and those are; completing the dinner 2-3 hours prior to sleep, avoiding drinks before bedtime and obviously, stop browsing the phone at least an hour prior to sleep.

2. Skipping breakfast

This is the most important meal of the day and you’ll simply miss a great start to the day if you skip breakfast. This is not something that only kids do, there are many who avoid breakfast because of hurry or something else.

This habit will not just slow down your metabolism, it will store more calories on your body too! Teenagers skip their breakfasts thinking they will reduce weight, but studies are there that show breakfast skippers are likely to become a victim of obesity

Moreover, you will feel hungry and end up eating a lot more which is not at all healthy!

How to replace:

Well, you know the solution – you must have breakfast before starting the day. The best way to develop this habit is to get up early in the morning. This will make you feel hungry. The purpose is to supply all the micro and macro nutrients to the body for complete performance. 

Try to combine your breakfast with all the nutrients like; protein, fat, fiber and etc.

3. Junk foods

Kids are very addicted to spicy and junk foods and this habit can really damage their health in the long run. These foods are great sources of high calories, bad cholesterols, and other harmful elements. 

You will end up consuming a lot of calories that will be stored as fat on the different parts of your body. Moreover, it will not compensate for your hunger for a long time, so you will end up eating a lot more than usual. 

Don’t Ignore these 15 points if you want a peaceful breakup!

yoga for beginners sea facing woman

“A peaceful break up” – sounds like an impossible thing! No matter how hard you try to become practical and deal with this dreadful situation, you will hardly find the right ways to break up with someone you love in a peaceful way.

If this is what you think, then this article is going to change your mindset within a few minutes!!  

It’s true that you have plenty of opportunities to actually go wrong and make mistakes during breaking up with your significant other, since there is no precise rules for an amicable breakup. 

But paying attention to a few little things and being careful about a few mistakes, you can really make it less harmful decision for both of you.

What then those “few things” are? 

Well, you will find that shortly. But before that, let’s try to find out the answers of some really valuable and relevant questions.

Breaking up with someone you love is Painful!

Okay, let’s understand one thing first that we are not talking about relationships that are just a few months old. 

We are discussing steady relationships that have gone through ups and downs together over the years. Without that, it’s just familiarity, not a relationship.

However, let’s get back to the point…

Break up is always painful. Doesn’t matter whose call it is, you will start feeling bad after a certain point of time. Moreover, you will die inside if it wasn’t a mature break up. 

If it was a steady relationship, chances are you will feel terrible simply for the reason of hurting your partner. Now what may come to your mind is that…

Why is it painful?

In a steady relationship, two individuals become dependent on each other over time. It’s a common human psychology to create a comfort zone around relationships. 

Over the years, it gets simply harder to break that comfort zone. 

I can understand that maybe the communication in your relationship is not that great, maybe you have ideological differences, maybe you don’t get enough time to spend with each other, or it may be something else.

Despite everything, we try our best to save the relationship and that is why it is so painful to break up with someone you love. 

Why to break up if you are still in love with your partner?

I know you will try to avoid questions like this, but let’s face it.

Practically, there can be numerous reasons that can lead such a thought into your mind. Love is essential for a relationship to grow, but this is certainly not the only thing that helps a relationship to prosper

So, you must have strong enough reasons to draw an end to your relationship. 

Let me ask you – why you want to break up?

Do you want to move on just for the sake of a better future? Do you need some time for yourself? Or is it something else that makes you decide so?

Whatever the reason is, you should consider if you have given enough time to fix that problem. 

Remember that, break up with someone you love can be a few days or month’s decision, but you may have to bear the consequences for a life-long time. Hence, it’s better to spend some time to decide your “why”

How do you know when to end a relationship?

This is critical, simply because there are no specific signs that can tell you to call off. Moreover, it can vary from one individual to another.

But there are obviously some specific signs that can tell you that it’s time to move on from this relationship. 

Acts like avoiding each other, losing the trust on each other, neglecting physical intimacy and etc. are signs of a bad relationship.

If it goes on for a considerably long time, you must discuss things with your partner because, who knows these could be the reasons to end the relationship.

If you have crossed these initial stages of confirming your decision and still want to break up with your partner, you will find the following guide of 15 steps to break up with someone you love very helpful!

How to break up with someone you love in a mature way

Even if you’ve made your mind to break up, it must take place in a mature way. This will help you overcome the trauma bit easily!

So, here’s the guide for you…

1) Think carefully, think again

Yes, despite the fact that you’ve made your mind, I would suggest you think again very carefully. 

Is it just that you don’t like a few things or acts of your partner? 

Are those things fixable? 

You need strong answers to these questions before putting your decision on the table. Moreover, when you have these answers, you will actually be able to justify your decision. 

Remember that, once you voice the decision, there is no stepping back.

2) Chalk out the consequences

Breaking up with someone you love is difficult, but it’s even more difficult to live your life normally afterwards. 

You must take a look at how much you two are dependent on each other. I am not saying it should influence your decision, but you must visualize the life after break up effectively. 

My suggestion is to don’t jump into the conclusion too early without finding solutions to the issues that are sure to appear, rather give yourself some time to decide.

3) Prepare your notes

Yes, if you want an amicable break up with someone you love, you must keep a note.

There are pretty good chances that your partner doesn’t react the way you assumed once you voice your decision. In that case, you may find yourself lost and may not put up the points or facts appropriately.

If you’ve decided to break up, why not do it in a mature way?

You can keep a brief note of all those things that made you decide so. Be practical enough to prepare the notes so that you can avoid hot arguments.

4) Time it correctly

A correct time for break up – really!!

I can see that expression on your face, but what I actually mean is to choose the correct situation to express your decision. 

If there is any other trouble or personal issues that your significant other is going through right now, you must show the maturity to hold it to yourself for that time being. 

Stop Making Excuses With These 10 Effective Steps!

characteristics of a good leader

We keep on searching for elements and information that can make us successful. Well, that is important, but at the same time, it’s also important to realize what’s stopping you from reaching there. Do you know what stops you from becoming successful? EXCUSES! So, this article is going to be about why and how we can stop making excuses

“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else” – Benjamin Franklin

It is absolutely true. Giving an excuse is perhaps the easiest thing we can do to roadblock our success. But the irony is that most of the time we don’t realize how we are spoiling our own life by making excuses. 

Success and excuses cannot coexist!

We all have our own goals in life. We all know what a life-goal should look like, but hardly a few people work on that goal. Why? Because we have excuses to not to follow our goals.

Excuses are very powerful and it’s a deadly habit that if you grow, you will never be able to reach your ultimate potential in anything. 

Whenever we take any decision in life, we always find two inner voices – one says “yes, go for it”, the other says, “you don’t need to do it/ you can do it later” 

Which voice comes out louder depends on which one you nourish and feed the most. If you cultivate the negative thoughts more often, it will become stronger and generally, you will grow a habit of making excuses for almost everything. This also inculcates the habit of procrastination in you. That’s why you must stop making excuses. 

Always remember that success and excuses cannot coexist!! When your excuses turn bigger than your purpose, you lose the courage to work hard. So, never let small excuses overpower your life goals.

Here are some common daily life excuses that spoil our success

  1. I do not have enough knowledge to even start the work
  2. I am physically too weak and I cannot take the challenge
  3. It’s hard for me to make some extra time to follow my passion
  4. I work late at night that’s why can’t wake up early in the morning
  5. Not feeling well today, will start working from tomorrow
  6. It’s too hot/cold outside to set out
  7. Do not have any time to read books
  8. I am not talented enough to do this
  9. Others will make fun of me
  10. I am not experienced doing this
  11. Not tried something like that before

This could be a never-ending list…! Maybe you are familiar with a few of those (if not all) excuses, but it’s time to realize that excuses only hold us back or drag us down.

Now, let’s have a look at an important question.

Why do people make excuses?

If we look at our excuses, almost all of those are made out of a single emotion that is ‘FEAR’.

woman showing hand fingers

Yes, we make excuses out of fear! Many of our decisions of not doing something, not trying something new and even not thinking something new is driven by fear.

  1. We fear of failing 
  2. we fear working hard 
  3. we fear of getting out of our comfort zone 
  4. we fear to spoil relationships 
  5. we fear taking more responsibilities 
  6. we fear being ridiculed, etc. 

With so much fear, it’s easy and expected from anybody to make excuses and put aside the responsibility. So, if we want to stop making excuses, we need to first work on eliminating fear. 

However, if you think deeply, you will find that fear often allow people to do the impossibles. The only thing that makes the difference is how you look at your FEAR and what action you take to get rid of that.

A very natural question comes to our mind in this regard which is…

What is the difference between an excuse and an explanation?

The difference is very subtle and that’s what makes people confused. If I put it in an understandable manner it would be like;

An explanation is the attempt to say that I tried my best but somehow failed for this reason.

An excuse is a way of not even attempting the task fearing failure as an obvious consequence.

The two are pretty different in nature however, in both instances, the job is not successfully accomplished. So, my suggestion is to stay away from both of these. 

Why it is important to stop making excuses?

Making excuses is a destructive habit and it grows very gradually. The long term impact of this habit is very dangerous and if you look at the effects (that I am going to discuss below), you will realize that it’s really very important to stop making excuses. 

So, here are some long term harmful effects of making excuses on all given situations

Losing true potential

No one is fully aware of his/her true potential, it is explored only when you take responsibilities and give your best shot to fulfill that. But those who make excuses to take responsibilities or to try out new things can never realize their potential. 

Thus, over a period of time, you lose your potential of doing something good with your life.

Lack of self-confidence

Confidence comes from making commitments and doing whatever it takes to keep your words. This is one of the many habits of successful people. Giving excuses and avoid making commitments may give you temporary relaxation, but in the long run, it costs you to lose your self-confidence.

Prevent you from growing

H0w someone grows in life? If you look at the successful achievers, you will see that they are always excited to take new challenges in life and learn from it.

The worst impact of making excuses is that it never allows you to take challenges in life. Thus, it holds you back all the time and keeps you away from your success! As a matter of fact, you settle with ‘less’ in life.


You must have heard people saying, “I would’ve made it a better life if…” “I wish I took that decision then…” “Things could’ve been different if…” – these are all regrets. Life gives the opportunity to everyone, some grab them and some make excuses and avoid them.

People who make excuses live a life of regrets!

Most importantly, one needs to realize that excuses cannot be a permanent solution to problems.

So, these are just some of the few reasons for you to realize why it is important to stop making excuses. I truly believe that none of us wants to live a life that is full of regrets and not lived to its full potential. 

9 Most Effective Passive Income Sources of Our Time

a wrench and a watch

While we are busy struggling to make our both ends meet, the concept of passive income allures almost everyone of us. Isn’t it enticing to imagine, that you are making lots of money with minimal work and even when you are sleeping. With right passive income sources, it’s possible!

But then questions arrive like if it’s possible then why not everyone is making money passively and what skills or mindset is required to develop steady passive income flow. You will get an insight of all these questions here. 

In this article, you will explore the answers to these questions and I will also share with you some effective passive income sources that are getting appreciations across nations.

Passive Income Definition

It’s a method that generates income with little or part-time involvement and one can conveniently pursue this involvement alongside the main profession that he/she works for.  

The most powerful advantage of this process is perhaps the biggest fear of it too and that is – NO LIMIT OF EARNING! One can earn huge income or it may not generate even a single penny. It greatly depends on the source that is picked and the kind of involvement one shows. 

The MYTH of passive income

There’s no wonder that so many people are earning an insane amount of money passively. But the MYTH is that it requires no hard work! Earning huge amount of money will always ask for hard work and dedication. 

There are numerous stories which says how someone started working on some passive income sources and how after a while, the person decided to quit the job and accepted the passive as the prime income sources! 

These are inspiring for sure, but the transformation has not taken place overnight or without effort. It requires sincere involvement to generate lucrative cash flow from any sources. 

Before I go on explaining some of the best passive income sources of our time, let’s have a look at some of the key features of it. 

  1. The most attractive feature is that You Are Your Own Boss! No one is in charge of your work but you.
  2. There is no fixed hours to work on passive sources, one can utilize the free time for it.
  3. Working From Home is another big advantage that everyone craves for and it is available here.
  4. One can work on multiple sources of passive income simultaneously.

So, if you are planning to utilize your free time the best way while earning some money as well, the following passive income sources are certainly something you should look at.

Most Effective Passive Income Sources of Our Time

I have not followed any precise order while explaining the sources. My concern was to prepare a list of sources that are actually attainable by most of us. I personally work on few of these passive sources.

  1. Stock Market

We get to read a lot about how stock market investments have changed the lives of so many people. It’s absolutely true that thousands of people have made their fortune from here. One doesn’t need to put in physical effort, but yes, sound technical knowledge is very important to protect and earn money.

stock market terminal screen

Requirements: Unlike other sources, you need a chunk of excess money to invest in the stock market. That’s not it, you must know where to invest, when to invest and most importantly, when to withdraw the invested money. One needs the technical and fundamental analysis skills to decide on this. 

Caution: Picking up the right stocks isn’t an easy task. While the right type of investments may allow insane profit, wrong selection of stocks may wash away the entire investment. 

  1. Freelancing

With the advancement of internet service and connectivity, working opportunities have increased for sure! Global employment is possible with this facility. Freelancing is such an opportunity where one can offer specialized services anywhere in the world. It could be photography, data service, designing, accounting or anything else for that matter.

Requirements: One must have specialized skills in a particular work-field. Apart from that, the only requirement is a medium to connect with clients and transfer the work. Good communication skills may be of help.

Caution: One can hire freelancing assignments from both direct and virtual clients. In both instances, a written agreement is very important. One should also verify the payment terms and conditions. 

  1. Blogging

If you are passionate about writing and got some skills too, blogging is perhaps one of the most lucrative passive income sources for you! Thousands of people are trying their luck in blogging and without any surprise, many of them are SUCCESSFUL! Blogging itself offers so many different avenues to make more money with decent efforts. 

blogging - passive income sources

Requirements: It is best to have an own website for blogging rather than trying free platforms. Having specialized knowledge on a particular subject always helps to deliver impressive quality contents. Moreover, one should have knowledge about the different income avenues that blogging can generate. 

Caution: Blogging demands serious efforts to generate income. One needs to spend time researching and preparing quality content and such investment of time and energy should be a regular process. Casual blogging often fails to generate income, sometimes, even after spending months and years, the income remains zero! 

  1. Coaching classes

Offering specialized coaching classes at the free time is yet another attractive source of making huge money passively. If your classes contain true value for the students or professionals, you will soon develop a decent income source. 

Requirements: Subject specific knowledge is important and you must have expertise on that subject to organize valuable classes. Whatever the subject is, one needs to be passionate to help people with knowledge.

man taking class of students

Caution: Value for time and money is what people will look for from the classes. In this competitive market, if one fails to offer these two qualities, people will get distracted easily!

  1. You tube

If you want to showcase your talent to the world, YouTube is giving your platform to do that. And the best part is that there are income opportunities too if your work is appreciated by the mass people. There is no exaggeration to the fact that many have left their traditional job to invest more time here. The platform opens up so many other income opportunities for the sincere people. 

Requirements: You need to create videos that offer some knowledge or entertainment. Of course you need to be consistent with creating and publishing videos on your channel. As long as it offers some value for time, it will be appreciated by others. 

Caution: It takes solid efforts to shoot, edit and create good quality videos contents. Sometimes, you may need the help of others. On the other hand, YouTube has the complete control over the monetization of your channel. Failing to obey the guidelines may cause problems with the income.

  1. E-books

Do you know how easy it is now to write and publish your own Ebook? There has always been great demand of knowledge and it will hopefully remain so. The only change is in the medium to grab the knowledge from. In this age of smartphones, laptops and tablets, the electronic form of books is vastly appreciated amongst all. 

If you have special skills and knowledge about something and you want to share that with others, you can easily go for writing your own ebook. If the content of your book is worth the time and money, chances are you will generate decent passive income from the ebooks. 

Requirement: Vast knowledge on a particular field (that you wish to write about) is the foremost important thing. Moreover, it requires a lot of patience and planning to complete writing a book successfully. In most cases, the right promotion of the book is also important. 

Caution: One needs to consider the fact that even a good ebook may not generate income immediately after being published. However, it can be the other way around too!

  1. Financial investments

According to me, stock market investment is different in many ways than other long term investments. Unlike the first option, it may not require sound technical knowledge and most importantly, one needs to stay invested for a long term (more than 5 years).

There are Mutual Funds, Public Provident Fund, Govt. Bonds and many other schemes which can successfully generate passive income in the long run. But don’t make the money mistake of jumping into any of these randomly.

Requirements: It may not require technical analysis skills, but  thorough analysis of your situation and demand is necessary to know before investing. Patience and Discipline are the two other pivotal requirements for this passive income source. 

Caution: Investments are never risk-free. There are risks involved with such investments as well, but if one can show discipline and patience, it’s possible to generate lucrative passive income from these investments. 

  1. Rent your properties

We often consider a big house and cars as luxury of life which is true to some extent. But most of us do not consider that these luxury properties can generate income for us as well!

Yes, giving your property on rent is one of the best passive income sources that you can ask for. It can be a lucrative source of steady and regular income.

Faster Transformation With These 12 Health and Fitness Tips!

girl exercising

There was a time, when despite regular exercise, I was not getting the results that I was looking for. Things were getting frustrating for me and a point came when I decided to quit! But then I explored (through studies and discussing with experts) some health and fitness tips that really accelerated my result and made the journey really enjoying.

If you are a beginner and facing the same problems with your health and fitness journey, then this post is absolutely for you.

Here I am going to share with you those health and fitness tips that really changed my way to look at exercising. And needless to say, I started seeing and enjoying spectacular results since then

12 Spectacular Health and Fitness Tips For Improved Results

NOTE – The list not just includes effective tips related to forms and postures, it also explains some other important tips that are very relevant but are less talked about.

Tip 1. Take adequate sleep

Even hardcore exercise will not produce the desired results unless one lets the muscles to relax. Sound sleep is very important to achieve any health goals. Not many people (even experts) discuss its importance. 

Quality sleep of around 5-6 hours improves the blood flow and the functionality of the brain and muscles. This naturally helps achieve better results. 

Tip 2. Follow healthy diet

Many of us have confusions and misconceptions regarding proper diet which is important for particular transformation. A healthy diet must include all the nutrients and micro-nutrients such as; protein, fat, carbohydrates and necessary vitamins and minerals. 

The body needs them all to function properly. Yes, depending on your specific requirement the measurement of these components may vary, but one must have them all on a daily basis. 

Tip 3. Don’t workout everyday

This particular health and fitness tips is for the beginners because they tend to make this mistake initially.

They think that doing the same exercise everyday will grow the muscles bigger and quicker. That’s not true! It will only increase muscle fatigue and slow down the result.

One must follow a particular schedule for exercising. 5 days-a-week is the best method for beginners and for advanced people to see effective results without any prime injury. 

Tip 4. Correct your form

The best health transformation is possible only when we follow the correct form and postures. This is certainly the fitness tip of the day. 

Each exercise has different muscles to target and that’s why correct posture is very important. Following them properly will improve the result. Moreover, improper form or posture may cause severe injury, especially when lifting weights. 

Tip 5. Create mind-muscle connection

Beginners often complain that they are not getting visible results. And to achieve that, they start lifting even heavier. 

Nothing will work unless you pay attention to fix the muscle-mind connection. This is a very crucial aspect that not many people know or talk about. 

During exercise, one must feel the connection between the targeted muscles and mind. Also, at the time of performing the exercise, think that you are getting closer to your dream physique inch by inch. Try this, I promise you will see a huge change in results. 

Tip 6. Consider lifting a little heavier 

This is one of the most effective gym tips for beginners to lift heavier than what you are comfortable with. 

Weight training is very important for fitness and strength. For example, let’s consider Barbell Squat here, if you are comfortable with 15 reps of 50 pounds, push yourself a little harder and do 12 reps of 60 pounds instead.

The second type of set is capable of offering better gains. 

Tip 7. Don’t lift too heavy

This is just the flip side of the previous health and fitness tip. Our body muscles have limited capacity that can be increased gradually for sure. 

Lifting too heavy will increase the chance of muscle injury and that may lead to stop the training. Beginners often make the mistake of lifting too heavy weights without even correcting the form. Result – severe muscle injury!

If you want to continue the fitness practice for a long time, allow some time for the muscles to get used to with weights. 

Tip 8. Include cardio

Add a little cardio session in your workout irrespective of your health goal. This is one of the best health and fitness tips that many avoid. 

Along with specific exercises for bulking or cutting, cardiovascular activities like; running, cycling, jumping squats and many more, actually help speed up the process. 

Apart from that, fitness is something that we need to carry out for a long time.

Tip 9. Reduce rest period

Here is an effective workout tips that most of us pay very little attention to.

I have seen people in the gym who take 15-20 minutes rest in between sets. Most of the time, they are either busy with their phones or gossiping with other fellows. This really reduces the effectiveness of exercising. 

The rest period plays a vital role to achieve the results quickly. Too long a rest period reduces the muscle tension that was supposed to be carry forwarded from the previous set of exercise to the next set.

Rest period should not be more than 45 seconds to 90 seconds, depending on the exercise. 

Tip 10. Stretching 

Fitness is about muscle flexibility and movements. If one can maintain flexibility, he/she will remain fit for a long time.

So, here’s the best fitness tips for both men and women – stretch properly at the beginning and end of your exercise. 

Before starting the exercise, the muscles are relaxed and flat and that might cause injury during weight training. So, proper warm up and stretch is required.

Similarly, after the workout, the targeted muscles become stiff because of the increased blood flow. That needs to be normalized. Stretching is the best way to do that.

Tip 11. Variety is the key

In a relationship, doing the same things day after day make it very boring. We must bring some variety and add spice to make it fun and enjoyable. After all, it’s a sign of a healthy relationship

Same is true for exercise. If you do the same exercises everyday, it’ll get boring. Moreover, the muscles get used to and stop responding or showing improvements. 

So, the key is to try different workouts. This will keep the excitement alive and you will see better results too.

Tip 12. Stay hydrated

Hydration is one of the most important health and fitness tips that almost all of us know but don’t follow. Our muscles need water and during workouts we lose it through perspiration. 

Water actually not just helps staying hydrated, it also keeps the joints active that improve flexibility and also prevents muscle clumsiness. 

This is perhaps one of the best ways to improve your physical fitness and take it to the next level.

The final words

When it comes to health and fitness tips, there are so many others to follow. 

These are the simple tips that I found are very underrated. However, taking care of these underrated fitness tips can actually bring you magical results. 

I’ve experienced personally that making these little changes during and after workout shows powerful results. Pay attention to each of these and you will achieve a physical excellence that will inspire and motivate you.

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Financial Planning is Easy Now! Explained with (Infography)

people hanging out on the grass

Those who believe that it requires vast knowledge and great expertise to make an effective financial planning – this standard rule is for them!

It is very important to make a plan that you can understand and be involved with. Keeping a few things in mind can help you avoid the common money mistakes

What is personal financial planning?

People struggle with money simply because they cannot plan and balance their expenses with their earnings. More often than not, people have no clear idea about 

  1. Where to spend
  2. How much to spend
  3. How much to keep
  4. What to do with the kept amount

A perfect personal financial planning is all about chalking a plan out that answers all these questions in such a way that it creates a better future for you. 

Moreover, the planning should also comprise how to manage some of the important expenses like; Higher Education, Marriage (self or kid’s), Assets and most importantly, Retirement

The 50-30-20 Rule to PLAN and MANAGE Personal Finance

The rule helps you decide how to plan the expenses of the entire month from the available amount of money. The numbers actually depict the ratio of how the expense should be divided into different categories.

Let’s explain that:

After you set aside the SAVINGS of the month, the remaining amount is for the expenses and it includes all sorts of expenses of a month. We have just categorized the expenses so that we can segregate them properly.

50% – Basic Needs (It includes – Ration, Groceries, Foods, Monthly EMIs, Rents, Bills and etc.)

30% – Pleasure Needs (It includes – Clothes, Gadgets, Cosmetics, Restaurant Bills, Holidays and etc.)

20% – Savings (It is the amount that you must set aside prior to plan the rest, already mentioned earlier)

This should be the basic structure of the personal financial planning for any person, regardless of whether he/she is married or single, have a family or not. 

Below you can find an INFOGRAPHY that explain in a very simple way how you can manage your personal financial planning. If you follow some simple steps of finances, you will be able to improve your financial status within a few years or so.

The AIM is to let you manage your money all by yourself and don’t depend blindly on financial expert’s advice.

These 10 Habits of Rich People Can Make You Rich Too!

daily habits

Who doesn’t want to become rich in life? We all crave for a lifestyle where we can afford all the luxuries and necessities for ourselves and our family. Nothing wrong with it! But most of us let this desire to remain a mere WISH and not a Goal of Life. If you are not one of them, you must adopt the habits of rich people to become rich in life. 

It’s a simple science that whoever follow these habits, become successful in the near future. But then most of us quit halfway. 

In this article, I am going to discuss about 10 powerful habits of rich people that took them to the verge of SUCCESS! Just knowing them is not enough, one needs to stick to these habits as well.  

The definition of RICH

Before we adopt these Millionaire Habits, we must understand that becoming rich is not just about money. 

Of course money is important in life, but it is not everything. We can buy luxuries with money, not HAPPINESS. We can have friends with money, but not RELATIONSHIPS. Money cannot buy you mental PEACE either. 

Rich people realize this fact or we can say, whoever realizes this truth, becomes rich to a certain extent!

So, according to me, a real RICH person is someone who keeps a perfect balance among Relationship, Money and Responsibilities and never let any of these to overpower the others

Reaching such a state in life isn’t easy, but if we follow some effective daily habits, we can surely achieve that. 

The rest of the discussion is actually about the habits of rich people that can literally turn our lives around!

10 Powerful Habits of Rich and Highly SUCCESSFUL People

I have listed down the 10 success habits without following any particular order. Each of these are equally important, so, a particular order is not that necessary. 

  1. Wake up Early

Many of us have not even seen how the early morning looks like. Contrary to this, successful people make it a point to start their day early in the morning

They believe that NATURE is the source of all ENERGY and morning is the best time to absorb that energy from nature. Moreover, the silence in the early morning helps powerful conditioning of the mind

So, getting up early in the morning is perhaps the most common habits of highly successful people

  1. Read the GOALS

No matter how big your dreams are, if you haven’t written it down on paper with stringent deadlines, you are actually not moving towards your goals. 

It is one of the habits of the rich people to write down the goals and most importantly, read them out loud in their minds Twice Everyday. The idea is to convince the subconscious mind about the goal and once that is done, staying motivated becomes easier. 

We need to make a daily habit of reading the goals loud in the mind so that we can hear them properly. 

  1. Staying in Right Shape (physically)

Talking about the habits of rich people, we must mention EXERCISING. 

Regular workout is necessary to stay in the right shape, we all know that, but then most of us fail to follow a schedule. It is not surprising that the great achievers never compromise with their health. They prioritize working out regularly until it becomes a habit. 

The benefits of working out are really exciting and the best part is that when the body is in a good state, the mind functions the best way. The ENERGY and POSITIVITY that physical work out brings to anyone is essential to continue the hard work. 

  1. Networking

Believe it or not, no one reaches the Mountain of Success all alone! We need a great supportive network to reach and stay there. 

Networking with good and genuine people not just brings brilliant ideas, one gets the courage and motivation to work on those ideas from the network as well. 

A powerful network holds great significance when it comes to accomplishing the necessary works. Successful people invest their time to connect with the right type of people who they get the faith and courage from.

  1. Reading Positive Books

President Harry Truman once said,

Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers

This perfectly defines the reading habit of the rich people. Average or poor people do not realize the power of reading positive books. More so, reading is perhaps the best pass-time for the rich people. Thus, even on their leisure time, they learn something NEW and CREATIVE. 

The rich people don’t waste their time on entertainment books or novels, they prefer books (successful biographies, self-help, personality development) that increase knowledge and enhance motivation. 


The most prominent difference between an average person and a successful person is that – average people get involved in ENTERTAINMENT while successful people get involved in EDUCATION.

According to a great achiever – entertainment is important in life, but getting too involved is distracting! You can barely focus on your work if you start attending all functions and marriages and parties

It is certainly one of the prime habits of rich people to stay FOCUSED on their GOALS by avoiding entertainments. 

  1. Meditation

Meditation is a great art of centralizing the concentration on a particular thing and awaken the subconscious mind to deliver means to achieve that. 

This habit is common with all successful people and they perform it daily to stay focused and visualize their goal. Visualizing the achievements of life and living them through meditation is a highly powerful act that they don’t give a miss. 

It’s a complete process of taking care of the Mind, Heart, Brain and most importantly the Soul. 

  1. Quit Watching TV

This may seem to be absurd to many of us, but rich people don’t spend their valuable time watching TV.

Television barely has anything worth watching and this is the worst time pass you can have. For many people, it’s like a habit to switch on the television after returning home. They keep sweeping from one channel to another and spend hours doing this.

Rich people value their TIME and that’s why they are RICH. 

  1. Skilled Money Management

When we are discussing the habits of rich people, we cannot ignore their skilled MANAGEMENT OF MONEY. 

Yes, the rich people truly value their money and spend money wisely. The most practical difference between an average person and a rich person in terms of spending money is – 

average people spend to impress others, but rich people spend to fulfill necessities

The Real Rich guys do not spend their money on unnecessary materialistic assets, rather they invest them to realize the compound benefits. 

It’s a truth – money can work for you and earn you more money if correctly invested. 

  1. Never Compromise with Hard Work

Gym Tips for Beginners – 12 Exclusive Tips That Accelerate Results

motivation to work out

With so many people talking about the importance and benefits of working out, it’s really hard to resist hitting the nearest gym. But unless you are following these helpful gym tips for beginners, chances are you will achieve delayed results or in the worst case scenario – NO RESULTS! 

We are pretty much aware of the advantages of exercising on a daily basis. Getting inspired by that many young folks are joining the gym, but they actually fail to achieve what they are looking for. I mean, most of them miserably fail to achieve the desired health transformation

The reason is simple – making some common MISTAKES at the gym! 

In this article, I will mainly focus on those mistakes and some effective ways to improve the results through some gym tips for beginners. 

I have come across many experienced people in the gym who make the same mistakes. So, the purpose of this particular post is to make you aware of those beginners’ mistakes at the gym. 

Gym tips for beginners to achieve extraordinary transformation

These tips basically guide you through some DOs and DON’Ts during working out in the gym. And needless to say, you get to see an accelerated health transformation. 

One more thing, I haven’t followed any particular order while explaining the tips. I request you to arrange them properly as per your convenience!

Gym tips for beginners – The Dos

  1. Warm-up properly

I have seen both beginners and experienced people are doing this mistake. While the beginners may not have the correct knowledge, the pro guys think it’s not necessary anymore for them.


Proper warm up is very necessary before starting any compound exercise or weight training. This not just helps avoiding severe muscle injuries, it makes the joints more mobilized during workout. 

People make the mistake of start lifting weights right after entering into the gym. Just 10 minutes of warm-up and stretching can increase the intensity of your performance in the gym.

  1. Decide your health goals

People (mostly beginners) often hit the gym without any health goals. This serves little to no results!

These days, the multispeciality gyms offer all the different types of facilities. Starting from muscle building to fat burning, fitness, cardio, yoga and what not. 

If you do not have a precise health goal, you will end up trying the different machines in different days that do not serve your purpose. That’s not how one gets the results at the gym!

You must have a clear target to achieve and this will bring clarity in your performance.

  1. Consider a fixed schedule 

You may be a student or an employee of an organization or a busy parent, and because of a tight schedule, you cannot manage a fixed time for workout. You workout whenever you get time, maybe in the morning or afternoon or evening.

Let me tell you – this is a big mistake of work out that confuses the body and the brain. The impact is clearly visible as you achieve no significant result. Moreover, not following a particular schedule interrupts appropriate rest which is very important.

So, the effective gym tips for beginners and for everyone would be to create a perfect schedule for exercising, don’t juggle between time and follow it properly. 

  1. Lift weights

What is your health goal? 

Muscle building, Fat burning, Strength building, Fitness or whatever your goal is, lifting weights properly can accelerate your journey. When it comes to lifting weights, people often come up with excuses like; 

  • it’s not my cup of tea
  • My structure is very weak to lift weights
  • But my goal is to reduce the fat
  • It’s not good at this age for joints

You will be surprised to know that lifting weight is helpful for all types of transformation needs. All you need to do is start with moderate weights. Don’t go heavy at the beginning and keep pushing yourself further. 

  1. Follow correct posture

There can be multiple gym tips for beginners, but if you ask me about ONE particular that is perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT, I would suggest to correct your posture. 

Incorrect body posture is the biggest mistake committed by both beginners and experienced. 

Each compound exercise requires to follow a very specific body posture for maximum results. Not following that properly reduces the benefit and also increases the chances of injury. Some injuries are so serious that it may take many years to get fully cured. 

  1. Build muscle-mind connection

You probably have seen people doing exercises for years, but still not getting any results. Even higher reps will fail to offer any transformation if there is no muscle-mind connection.  

Yes, whatever your health goal is, at the time of doing any exercise, there has to be a solid connection between the targeted muscles and the mind. 

Research shows that it improves the blood flow into the particular muscles and cause the change. If you are a beginner, would suggest you to take care of this matter right from the beginning.

Gym tips for beginners – the DON’Ts

Above are a few workout tips that one should follow, especially if he or she is a beginner. The following tips are about what you should avoid in the gym.

  1. Using mobile phones

Using smartphones in the gym isn’t a very smart decision. Exercise is something that requires concentration to see results. But using smartphones destroy your concentration. 

I see many young guys (of course there are some serious young people in every gym) are spending more time on their phones while in the gym. Between each set, they are posing, clicking pictures and posting them on social media. Some are watching some videos or texting. 

Such habits don’t take you even close to what you want to achieve. Avoid using mobile phones fully in the gym if you want results.

  1. Taking long rest

While doing an exercise, taking rest between two sets is very important. Depending on the intensity of the exercise, the rest period should vary from 45 seconds to 120 seconds. 

As a beginner one must realize that taking longer rest than that ultimately reduces the effectiveness.

I have seen people taking 15-20 minutes rest in between sets – that’s just a disaster! Thus one gets no results, no matter how hard he/she is working in the gym. 

From the very beginning, pay attention to the rest period.

  1. Avoiding hydration

Perspiration during workout is very common. The obvious outcome of the process is dehydration!

In a dehydrated mode, one cannot perform longer. If someone tries to do so, he/she will encounter temporary physical issues like; head spinning, vomiting, joint pain, even getting senseless is also natural.  

What you can do to avoid that is to drink water between workouts. Many gym goers have a wrong perception of not drinking water throughout exercise. 

So, here the beginner workout tips is to sip small water between sets to stay hydrated. 

  1. Group workout

Personally, I’m not a very big fan of group workout. It may have some advantages, but I find that the disadvantages are even bigger.

You get some support and motivation for sure, but if you get too involved, it hampers your own schedule. Moreover, if one becomes too dependent on the group that is not right.

Group workout is fun and can be helpful if done once in a while. As a beginner, you must remember that only serious working out gives you result. 

  1. Copying others

It is one of the biggest gym mistakes that leave many people broke physically and mentally. 

Beginners often get impressed with the other experienced persons in the same gym that they start copying their workout style. If it’s just about the style, then it’s not a problem. But often beginners try to lift as heavy as them.

This is a big mistake. Human muscles have immense potential, but it obviously needs training to reach that potential. Trying to lift heavy without proper practice may damage muscle tissues and cause serious injury. 

  1. Using fancy machines

Modern day gyms are well equipped with various types of machines. These days, there are specific machines for cardio, muscle training, fat burning and etc.

Beginners without a clear purpose make this mistake. They try out different machines without proper knowledge and administration. 

Know your machine fully so that you can get the best out of it.

The final thought

Achieving a real transformation through workout requires great dedication. Exercising can be motivating if you see the results. 

The workout tips that I have discussed here are minor ones but the impact is huge. If one takes care of these little gym tips for beginners, it won’t take him/her long to see striking results. 

Finally, I would also suggest that everyone has a very unique body type. Something is working for someone doesn’t necessarily mean it will work the same way for you also. Explore you own style and follow that throughout. 

If you have any other workout tips to share with us, feel free to share that in the comment. 

Thanks a lot for your time and I believe that these tips will help you for a new beginning!


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