Stop Making Excuses With These 10 Effective Steps!

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We keep on searching for elements and information that can make us successful. Well, that is important, but at the same time, it’s also important to realize what’s stopping you from reaching there. Do you know what stops you from becoming successful? EXCUSES! So, this article is going to be about why and how we can stop making excuses

“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else” – Benjamin Franklin

It is absolutely true. Giving an excuse is perhaps the easiest thing we can do to roadblock our success. But the irony is that most of the time we don’t realize how we are spoiling our own life by making excuses. 

Success and excuses cannot coexist!

We all have our own goals in life. We all know what a life-goal should look like, but hardly a few people work on that goal. Why? Because we have excuses to not to follow our goals.

Excuses are very powerful and it’s a deadly habit that if you grow, you will never be able to reach your ultimate potential in anything. 

Whenever we take any decision in life, we always find two inner voices – one says “yes, go for it”, the other says, “you don’t need to do it/ you can do it later” 

Which voice comes out louder depends on which one you nourish and feed the most. If you cultivate the negative thoughts more often, it will become stronger and generally, you will grow a habit of making excuses for almost everything. This also inculcates the habit of procrastination in you. That’s why you must stop making excuses. 

Always remember that success and excuses cannot coexist!! When your excuses turn bigger than your purpose, you lose the courage to work hard. So, never let small excuses overpower your life goals.

Here are some common daily life excuses that spoil our success

  1. I do not have enough knowledge to even start the work
  2. I am physically too weak and I cannot take the challenge
  3. It’s hard for me to make some extra time to follow my passion
  4. I work late at night that’s why can’t wake up early in the morning
  5. Not feeling well today, will start working from tomorrow
  6. It’s too hot/cold outside to set out
  7. Do not have any time to read books
  8. I am not talented enough to do this
  9. Others will make fun of me
  10. I am not experienced doing this
  11. Not tried something like that before

This could be a never-ending list…! Maybe you are familiar with a few of those (if not all) excuses, but it’s time to realize that excuses only hold us back or drag us down.

Now, let’s have a look at an important question.

Why do people make excuses?

If we look at our excuses, almost all of those are made out of a single emotion that is ‘FEAR’.

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Yes, we make excuses out of fear! Many of our decisions of not doing something, not trying something new and even not thinking something new is driven by fear.

  1. We fear of failing 
  2. we fear working hard 
  3. we fear of getting out of our comfort zone 
  4. we fear to spoil relationships 
  5. we fear taking more responsibilities 
  6. we fear being ridiculed, etc. 

With so much fear, it’s easy and expected from anybody to make excuses and put aside the responsibility. So, if we want to stop making excuses, we need to first work on eliminating fear. 

However, if you think deeply, you will find that fear often allow people to do the impossibles. The only thing that makes the difference is how you look at your FEAR and what action you take to get rid of that.

A very natural question comes to our mind in this regard which is…

What is the difference between an excuse and an explanation?

The difference is very subtle and that’s what makes people confused. If I put it in an understandable manner it would be like;

An explanation is the attempt to say that I tried my best but somehow failed for this reason.

An excuse is a way of not even attempting the task fearing failure as an obvious consequence.

The two are pretty different in nature however, in both instances, the job is not successfully accomplished. So, my suggestion is to stay away from both of these. 

Why it is important to stop making excuses?

Making excuses is a destructive habit and it grows very gradually. The long term impact of this habit is very dangerous and if you look at the effects (that I am going to discuss below), you will realize that it’s really very important to stop making excuses. 

So, here are some long term harmful effects of making excuses on all given situations

Losing true potential

No one is fully aware of his/her true potential, it is explored only when you take responsibilities and give your best shot to fulfill that. But those who make excuses to take responsibilities or to try out new things can never realize their potential. 

Thus, over a period of time, you lose your potential of doing something good with your life.

Lack of self-confidence

Confidence comes from making commitments and doing whatever it takes to keep your words. This is one of the many habits of successful people. Giving excuses and avoid making commitments may give you temporary relaxation, but in the long run, it costs you to lose your self-confidence.

Prevent you from growing

H0w someone grows in life? If you look at the successful achievers, you will see that they are always excited to take new challenges in life and learn from it.

The worst impact of making excuses is that it never allows you to take challenges in life. Thus, it holds you back all the time and keeps you away from your success! As a matter of fact, you settle with ‘less’ in life.


You must have heard people saying, “I would’ve made it a better life if…” “I wish I took that decision then…” “Things could’ve been different if…” – these are all regrets. Life gives the opportunity to everyone, some grab them and some make excuses and avoid them.

People who make excuses live a life of regrets!

Most importantly, one needs to realize that excuses cannot be a permanent solution to problems.

So, these are just some of the few reasons for you to realize why it is important to stop making excuses. I truly believe that none of us wants to live a life that is full of regrets and not lived to its full potential.