Don’t Ignore these 15 points if you want a peaceful breakup!

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“A peaceful break up” – sounds like an impossible thing! No matter how hard you try to become practical and deal with this dreadful situation, you will hardly find the right ways to break up with someone you love in a peaceful way.

If this is what you think, then this article is going to change your mindset within a few minutes!!  

It’s true that you have plenty of opportunities to actually go wrong and make mistakes during breaking up with your significant other, since there is no precise rules for an amicable breakup. 

But paying attention to a few little things and being careful about a few mistakes, you can really make it less harmful decision for both of you.

What then those “few things” are? 

Well, you will find that shortly. But before that, let’s try to find out the answers of some really valuable and relevant questions.

Breaking up with someone you love is Painful!

Okay, let’s understand one thing first that we are not talking about relationships that are just a few months old. 

We are discussing steady relationships that have gone through ups and downs together over the years. Without that, it’s just familiarity, not a relationship.

However, let’s get back to the point…

Break up is always painful. Doesn’t matter whose call it is, you will start feeling bad after a certain point of time. Moreover, you will die inside if it wasn’t a mature break up. 

If it was a steady relationship, chances are you will feel terrible simply for the reason of hurting your partner. Now what may come to your mind is that…

Why is it painful?

In a steady relationship, two individuals become dependent on each other over time. It’s a common human psychology to create a comfort zone around relationships. 

Over the years, it gets simply harder to break that comfort zone. 

I can understand that maybe the communication in your relationship is not that great, maybe you have ideological differences, maybe you don’t get enough time to spend with each other, or it may be something else.

Despite everything, we try our best to save the relationship and that is why it is so painful to break up with someone you love. 

Why to break up if you are still in love with your partner?

I know you will try to avoid questions like this, but let’s face it.

Practically, there can be numerous reasons that can lead such a thought into your mind. Love is essential for a relationship to grow, but this is certainly not the only thing that helps a relationship to prosper

So, you must have strong enough reasons to draw an end to your relationship. 

Let me ask you – why you want to break up?

Do you want to move on just for the sake of a better future? Do you need some time for yourself? Or is it something else that makes you decide so?

Whatever the reason is, you should consider if you have given enough time to fix that problem. 

Remember that, break up with someone you love can be a few days or month’s decision, but you may have to bear the consequences for a life-long time. Hence, it’s better to spend some time to decide your “why”

How do you know when to end a relationship?

This is critical, simply because there are no specific signs that can tell you to call off. Moreover, it can vary from one individual to another.

But there are obviously some specific signs that can tell you that it’s time to move on from this relationship. 

Acts like avoiding each other, losing the trust on each other, neglecting physical intimacy and etc. are signs of a bad relationship.

If it goes on for a considerably long time, you must discuss things with your partner because, who knows these could be the reasons to end the relationship.

If you have crossed these initial stages of confirming your decision and still want to break up with your partner, you will find the following guide of 15 steps to break up with someone you love very helpful!

How to break up with someone you love in a mature way

Even if you’ve made your mind to break up, it must take place in a mature way. This will help you overcome the trauma bit easily!

So, here’s the guide for you…

1) Think carefully, think again

Yes, despite the fact that you’ve made your mind, I would suggest you think again very carefully. 

Is it just that you don’t like a few things or acts of your partner? 

Are those things fixable? 

You need strong answers to these questions before putting your decision on the table. Moreover, when you have these answers, you will actually be able to justify your decision. 

Remember that, once you voice the decision, there is no stepping back.

2) Chalk out the consequences

Breaking up with someone you love is difficult, but it’s even more difficult to live your life normally afterwards. 

You must take a look at how much you two are dependent on each other. I am not saying it should influence your decision, but you must visualize the life after break up effectively. 

My suggestion is to don’t jump into the conclusion too early without finding solutions to the issues that are sure to appear, rather give yourself some time to decide.

3) Prepare your notes

Yes, if you want an amicable break up with someone you love, you must keep a note.

There are pretty good chances that your partner doesn’t react the way you assumed once you voice your decision. In that case, you may find yourself lost and may not put up the points or facts appropriately.

If you’ve decided to break up, why not do it in a mature way?

You can keep a brief note of all those things that made you decide so. Be practical enough to prepare the notes so that you can avoid hot arguments.

4) Time it correctly

A correct time for break up – really!!

I can see that expression on your face, but what I actually mean is to choose the correct situation to express your decision. 

If there is any other trouble or personal issues that your significant other is going through right now, you must show the maturity to hold it to yourself for that time being.