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Faster Transformation With These 12 Health and Fitness Tips!

There was a time, when despite regular exercise, I was not getting the results that I was looking for. Things were getting frustrating for me and a point came when I decided to quit! But then I explored (through studies and discussing with experts) some health and fitness tips that really accelerated my result and made the journey really enjoying.

If you are a beginner and facing the same problems with your health and fitness journey, then this post is absolutely for you.

Here I am going to share with you those health and fitness tips that really changed my way to look at exercising. And needless to say, I started seeing and enjoying spectacular results since then

12 Spectacular Health and Fitness Tips For Improved Results

NOTE – The list not just includes effective tips related to forms and postures, it also explains some other important tips that are very relevant but are less talked about.

Tip 1. Take adequate sleep

Even hardcore exercise will not produce the desired results unless one lets the muscles to relax. Sound sleep is very important to achieve any health goals. Not many people (even experts) discuss its importance. 

Quality sleep of around 5-6 hours improves the blood flow and the functionality of the brain and muscles. This naturally helps achieve better results. 

Tip 2. Follow healthy diet

Many of us have confusions and misconceptions regarding proper diet which is important for particular transformation. A healthy diet must include all the nutrients and micro-nutrients such as; protein, fat, carbohydrates and necessary vitamins and minerals. 

The body needs them all to function properly. Yes, depending on your specific requirement the measurement of these components may vary, but one must have them all on a daily basis. 

Tip 3. Don’t workout everyday

This particular health and fitness tips is for the beginners because they tend to make this mistake initially.

They think that doing the same exercise everyday will grow the muscles bigger and quicker. That’s not true! It will only increase muscle fatigue and slow down the result.

One must follow a particular schedule for exercising. 5 days-a-week is the best method for beginners and for advanced people to see effective results without any prime injury. 

Tip 4. Correct your form

The best health transformation is possible only when we follow the correct form and postures. This is certainly the fitness tip of the day. 

Each exercise has different muscles to target and that’s why correct posture is very important. Following them properly will improve the result. Moreover, improper form or posture may cause severe injury, especially when lifting weights. 

Tip 5. Create mind-muscle connection

Beginners often complain that they are not getting visible results. And to achieve that, they start lifting even heavier. 

Nothing will work unless you pay attention to fix the muscle-mind connection. This is a very crucial aspect that not many people know or talk about. 

During exercise, one must feel the connection between the targeted muscles and mind. Also, at the time of performing the exercise, think that you are getting closer to your dream physique inch by inch. Try this, I promise you will see a huge change in results. 

Tip 6. Consider lifting a little heavier 

This is one of the most effective gym tips for beginners to lift heavier than what you are comfortable with. 

Weight training is very important for fitness and strength. For example, let’s consider Barbell Squat here, if you are comfortable with 15 reps of 50 pounds, push yourself a little harder and do 12 reps of 60 pounds instead.

The second type of set is capable of offering better gains. 

Tip 7. Don’t lift too heavy

This is just the flip side of the previous health and fitness tip. Our body muscles have limited capacity that can be increased gradually for sure. 

Lifting too heavy will increase the chance of muscle injury and that may lead to stop the training. Beginners often make the mistake of lifting too heavy weights without even correcting the form. Result – severe muscle injury!

If you want to continue the fitness practice for a long time, allow some time for the muscles to get used to with weights. 

Tip 8. Include cardio

Add a little cardio session in your workout irrespective of your health goal. This is one of the best health and fitness tips that many avoid. 

Along with specific exercises for bulking or cutting, cardiovascular activities like; running, cycling, jumping squats and many more, actually help speed up the process. 

Apart from that, fitness is something that we need to carry out for a long time.

Tip 9. Reduce rest period

Here is an effective workout tips that most of us pay very little attention to.

I have seen people in the gym who take 15-20 minutes rest in between sets. Most of the time, they are either busy with their phones or gossiping with other fellows. This really reduces the effectiveness of exercising. 

The rest period plays a vital role to achieve the results quickly. Too long a rest period reduces the muscle tension that was supposed to be carry forwarded from the previous set of exercise to the next set.

Rest period should not be more than 45 seconds to 90 seconds, depending on the exercise. 

Tip 10. Stretching 

Fitness is about muscle flexibility and movements. If one can maintain flexibility, he/she will remain fit for a long time.

So, here’s the best fitness tips for both men and women – stretch properly at the beginning and end of your exercise. 

Before starting the exercise, the muscles are relaxed and flat and that might cause injury during weight training. So, proper warm up and stretch is required.

Similarly, after the workout, the targeted muscles become stiff because of the increased blood flow. That needs to be normalized. Stretching is the best way to do that.

Tip 11. Variety is the key

In a relationship, doing the same things day after day make it very boring. We must bring some variety and add spice to make it fun and enjoyable. After all, it’s a sign of a healthy relationship

Same is true for exercise. If you do the same exercises everyday, it’ll get boring. Moreover, the muscles get used to and stop responding or showing improvements. 

So, the key is to try different workouts. This will keep the excitement alive and you will see better results too.

Tip 12. Stay hydrated

Hydration is one of the most important health and fitness tips that almost all of us know but don’t follow. Our muscles need water and during workouts we lose it through perspiration. 

Water actually not just helps staying hydrated, it also keeps the joints active that improve flexibility and also prevents muscle clumsiness. 

This is perhaps one of the best ways to improve your physical fitness and take it to the next level.

The final words

When it comes to health and fitness tips, there are so many others to follow. 

These are the simple tips that I found are very underrated. However, taking care of these underrated fitness tips can actually bring you magical results. 

I’ve experienced personally that making these little changes during and after workout shows powerful results. Pay attention to each of these and you will achieve a physical excellence that will inspire and motivate you.

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