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Gym Tips for Beginners – 12 Exclusive Tips That Accelerate Results

With so many people talking about the importance and benefits of working out, it’s really hard to resist hitting the nearest gym. But unless you are following these helpful gym tips for beginners, chances are you will achieve delayed results or in the worst case scenario – NO RESULTS! 

We are pretty much aware of the advantages of exercising on a daily basis. Getting inspired by that many young folks are joining the gym, but they actually fail to achieve what they are looking for. I mean, most of them miserably fail to achieve the desired health transformation

The reason is simple – making some common MISTAKES at the gym! 

In this article, I will mainly focus on those mistakes and some effective ways to improve the results through some gym tips for beginners. 

I have come across many experienced people in the gym who make the same mistakes. So, the purpose of this particular post is to make you aware of those beginners’ mistakes at the gym. 

Gym tips for beginners to achieve extraordinary transformation

These tips basically guide you through some DOs and DON’Ts during working out in the gym. And needless to say, you get to see an accelerated health transformation. 

One more thing, I haven’t followed any particular order while explaining the tips. I request you to arrange them properly as per your convenience!

Gym tips for beginners – The Dos

  1. Warm-up properly

I have seen both beginners and experienced people are doing this mistake. While the beginners may not have the correct knowledge, the pro guys think it’s not necessary anymore for them.


Proper warm up is very necessary before starting any compound exercise or weight training. This not just helps avoiding severe muscle injuries, it makes the joints more mobilized during workout. 

People make the mistake of start lifting weights right after entering into the gym. Just 10 minutes of warm-up and stretching can increase the intensity of your performance in the gym.

  1. Decide your health goals

People (mostly beginners) often hit the gym without any health goals. This serves little to no results!

These days, the multispeciality gyms offer all the different types of facilities. Starting from muscle building to fat burning, fitness, cardio, yoga and what not. 

If you do not have a precise health goal, you will end up trying the different machines in different days that do not serve your purpose. That’s not how one gets the results at the gym!

You must have a clear target to achieve and this will bring clarity in your performance.

  1. Consider a fixed schedule 

You may be a student or an employee of an organization or a busy parent, and because of a tight schedule, you cannot manage a fixed time for workout. You workout whenever you get time, maybe in the morning or afternoon or evening.

Let me tell you – this is a big mistake of work out that confuses the body and the brain. The impact is clearly visible as you achieve no significant result. Moreover, not following a particular schedule interrupts appropriate rest which is very important.

So, the effective gym tips for beginners and for everyone would be to create a perfect schedule for exercising, don’t juggle between time and follow it properly. 

  1. Lift weights

What is your health goal? 

Muscle building, Fat burning, Strength building, Fitness or whatever your goal is, lifting weights properly can accelerate your journey. When it comes to lifting weights, people often come up with excuses like; 

  • it’s not my cup of tea
  • My structure is very weak to lift weights
  • But my goal is to reduce the fat
  • It’s not good at this age for joints

You will be surprised to know that lifting weight is helpful for all types of transformation needs. All you need to do is start with moderate weights. Don’t go heavy at the beginning and keep pushing yourself further. 

  1. Follow correct posture

There can be multiple gym tips for beginners, but if you ask me about ONE particular that is perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT, I would suggest to correct your posture. 

Incorrect body posture is the biggest mistake committed by both beginners and experienced. 

Each compound exercise requires to follow a very specific body posture for maximum results. Not following that properly reduces the benefit and also increases the chances of injury. Some injuries are so serious that it may take many years to get fully cured. 

  1. Build muscle-mind connection

You probably have seen people doing exercises for years, but still not getting any results. Even higher reps will fail to offer any transformation if there is no muscle-mind connection.  

Yes, whatever your health goal is, at the time of doing any exercise, there has to be a solid connection between the targeted muscles and the mind. 

Research shows that it improves the blood flow into the particular muscles and cause the change. If you are a beginner, would suggest you to take care of this matter right from the beginning.

Gym tips for beginners – the DON’Ts

Above are a few workout tips that one should follow, especially if he or she is a beginner. The following tips are about what you should avoid in the gym.

  1. Using mobile phones

Using smartphones in the gym isn’t a very smart decision. Exercise is something that requires concentration to see results. But using smartphones destroy your concentration. 

I see many young guys (of course there are some serious young people in every gym) are spending more time on their phones while in the gym. Between each set, they are posing, clicking pictures and posting them on social media. Some are watching some videos or texting. 

Such habits don’t take you even close to what you want to achieve. Avoid using mobile phones fully in the gym if you want results.

  1. Taking long rest

While doing an exercise, taking rest between two sets is very important. Depending on the intensity of the exercise, the rest period should vary from 45 seconds to 120 seconds. 

As a beginner one must realize that taking longer rest than that ultimately reduces the effectiveness.

I have seen people taking 15-20 minutes rest in between sets – that’s just a disaster! Thus one gets no results, no matter how hard he/she is working in the gym. 

From the very beginning, pay attention to the rest period.

  1. Avoiding hydration

Perspiration during workout is very common. The obvious outcome of the process is dehydration!

In a dehydrated mode, one cannot perform longer. If someone tries to do so, he/she will encounter temporary physical issues like; head spinning, vomiting, joint pain, even getting senseless is also natural.  

What you can do to avoid that is to drink water between workouts. Many gym goers have a wrong perception of not drinking water throughout exercise. 

So, here the beginner workout tips is to sip small water between sets to stay hydrated. 

  1. Group workout

Personally, I’m not a very big fan of group workout. It may have some advantages, but I find that the disadvantages are even bigger.

You get some support and motivation for sure, but if you get too involved, it hampers your own schedule. Moreover, if one becomes too dependent on the group that is not right.

Group workout is fun and can be helpful if done once in a while. As a beginner, you must remember that only serious working out gives you result. 

  1. Copying others

It is one of the biggest gym mistakes that leave many people broke physically and mentally. 

Beginners often get impressed with the other experienced persons in the same gym that they start copying their workout style. If it’s just about the style, then it’s not a problem. But often beginners try to lift as heavy as them.

This is a big mistake. Human muscles have immense potential, but it obviously needs training to reach that potential. Trying to lift heavy without proper practice may damage muscle tissues and cause serious injury. 

  1. Using fancy machines

Modern day gyms are well equipped with various types of machines. These days, there are specific machines for cardio, muscle training, fat burning and etc.

Beginners without a clear purpose make this mistake. They try out different machines without proper knowledge and administration. 

Know your machine fully so that you can get the best out of it.

The final thought

Achieving a real transformation through workout requires great dedication. Exercising can be motivating if you see the results. 

The workout tips that I have discussed here are minor ones but the impact is huge. If one takes care of these little gym tips for beginners, it won’t take him/her long to see striking results. 

Finally, I would also suggest that everyone has a very unique body type. Something is working for someone doesn’t necessarily mean it will work the same way for you also. Explore you own style and follow that throughout. 

If you have any other workout tips to share with us, feel free to share that in the comment. 

Thanks a lot for your time and I believe that these tips will help you for a new beginning!



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